Published On: Wed, Apr 5th, 2017

Updated: Mushin Police Killing

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A trigger happy policeman has allegedly shot a 51 yr old woman in the head while she was frying food at Railway area of toll gate in Mushin, Lagos.

His colleagues also inflicted bullet wound on the leg of a commercial motorcyclist for allegedly watching them while trying to extort money from some yahoo boys in the area.


Niran Odufayo reports that the police image maker in the Lagos state, Mr. Olarinde Famous-Cole who said that there was a mob attack on some policemen in the area noted that the policemen accused of the killing were already in the custody.

The policeman popularly called ‘’Prince’’ attached to Olosan police division was said to have stormed the railway area with his colleagues to collect their share of the money that some so called yahoo boys have just got.

On getting there, the yahoo boys were said to have declined the demand of the policemen saying that they had settled another set of policemen from the same station.

The refusal triggered the annoyance of the policemen, making ‘’Prince’’ to shoot sporadically into the crowd during which the woman was hit by a bullet while she was frying yam, Beans cake and plantain to be sold that night.

An eyewitness Saheed said that the policemen were in the habit of chasing yahoo boys around for money to enable them to meet up their weekly money contribution.

He said they saw the policemen on bike arresting a guy who refused to follow them on the claim that he did not commit any crime.

‘’They just opened fire in to the crowd , they come every time, they shot a bike man in the leg, they come nine in the morning, four in the afternoon and even nine in the evening, to come and extort money from us, telling us that they must find their contribution money’’

Even if you go to their station to secure bail, they will tell you to go and bring five thousand, prince killed the woman, Charles shot the bike man in the leg’’

Another eyewitness said that there was no problem when the policemen arrived to cause chaos in the area by shooting. ‘’

I was there and I saw everything, the policemen shot the bikeman in the leg because he was looking at them when they killed the woman’’

‘’They said why are you looking at us, they now shoot him in the leg’’

A resident in the area identified as Alhaji Ojomo pointed out that the policemen were in the habit of operating outside the area of jurisdiction so as to extort money from motorists and motorcyclists.

He said that the scene of the killing is not under olosan division but under Ilupeju police station and that if most people had been proving them wrong they might have stopped coming there for raid.

Meanwhile the police image maker, ASP Olarinde Famous cole said that the command was already investigating to get to the truth of the matter and ensure the arrest of those involved in the alleged mob attack on some of the policemen from the area.

“We have some policemen in our custody and every other person we could lay our hands on were also in our custody’’

Meanwhile, a former chairman of Odi-olowo council, Mr. Yemi Ali has promised to wade into the matter to ensure justice in the alleged killing.

He had sent a representative one Deacon Taiwo to calm the mood of the aggrieved residents and family members of the deceased, Mrs Kudirat Adebayo.

One of the sisters of the deceased said that they shot my sister in the head while frying food to be sold yesterday. We have been doomed haaa they have killed us ‘’

The entire area has no doubt been thrown into pandemonium as people are seen gathering at different junctions and streets.

They said that the man shot in the leg was at home receiving treatment.



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