Published On: Sun, May 21st, 2017


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Bulldozers of the National Emergency Management  Agency NEMA, has completed excavation of the
site of the three storey building that collapsed in Ilasamaja area of Lagos
killing three construction workers.

Some of the residents in the area claimed that two persons suspected to have been
trapped in the rubble were yet to be removed.

The rescued victims are still receiving medical treatment at a government
hospital in the area.

According to the spokesman for the south west zone of NEMA, Mr. Ibrahim Farinloye, the three dead bodies recovered
comprises of a teenager and two adults that had been deposited in mortuary.

He said that 19 persons were rescued out of which three were teenagers while one of them had one of his legs chopped off
and they are presently at Isolo general hospital.

Mr. Farinloye who said that all the victims were lames explained that the cause of the incident was suspected to be
the use of substandard materials in the construction of the building.

Physically you can see that where they suppose to use iron for scar folding they use bamboo which is against the
building rules and the gap that suppose to exist between the building and other buildings was not

The dead persons are all workers at the site and we learnt that the Lagos state Building Control Agency had marked the
building about two weeks ago on suspicion that it could not stand the test of

We have been working here and we have reached the emergency phase and shortly we will get to the zero level’

‘’The three storey building was under construction when it gave the way’’

Property owners should try and use competent engineers to build their houses

We are not going to demolish near- by building’’

The only building affected was the church while we were pulling down the structure .

Secretary of the community Development Association of Ilasamaja, Elder Dauda Oladunni said that residents observed that the building
started bending due to the use of substandard materials.

The owner of the house sold it and they pull it down to put
another structure.

But while the construction was on going some people said that the iron they were using suppose to be 16 mm instead of
the 12 mm which can only carry one storey building.

Despite that the community people wrote when they observed that the building was getting higher and higher and you know
that in such a case no one will put his name there.

People were looking at it that this kind of a structure in
this place?

When the authority came they sealed off the place like three times but later the people just started working again saying
that they had gone to perfect their case.

Last week some people said that this building was bending and they say it is our eye that was deceiving us and this
people have this religious craziness and they were saying we reject it nothing bad will

A resident, Mrs Stella Modi who said that the building ha been under construction since February said that all the
materials they use were fake.

There was a 13 yr old boy that was rescued and it was so pathetic.

They went to somewhere in Badagry to hire most of the workers and I saw the dead bodies, the
workers used to sleep there.

No resident was injured.

No fewere than 11 emergency agencies were on hand to ensure the exaction of the site of the three storey building that
suddenly gave way at no, 4 Richard Abimbola street in Ilasamaja area of Lagos.



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