Published On: Fri, May 26th, 2017


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Lagos State Junior and Senior College in Igbonla area of Epe was yesterday besieged by parents and guardians who came to pick their children and wards following the early hour abduction of six students in the school.
The suspected kidnappers who came through the Imeru/Iji waterways gained entry into the school premises by pulling down a portion of its back fence.
The school is situated beside a swampy forest.
Large number of vehicles were seen moving inward and outward of the only road to Igbonla community with signs of apprehension on the faces of the occupants in the vehicles.
Those coming out ward had students in school uniforms and bags occupying them while those moving inwards were seen heading for the school to pick their children and wards.
When The security watch got into the school compound, parents and guardians were seen on the queue with their children and wards making some documentations and clarification to ensure that the students were left in the hands of appropriate persons.
Those left in the school had the gates of their hostels locked up under the watchful eyes of their instructors and the police.
A parent, Pastor Samuel Akinola lamented that similar incident happened last year and there was need for the state government to provide enhanced security for the students.
It is embarrassing if you can walk down there to see how they burgled into the school through the fence.
‘’These are children and I beg the government to bring tighter security because these are our future they are our tomorrow. If the security is better parents will bring back their children’’
Two mothers of some of the students reluctantly spoke in annoyance and expressed their dissatisfaction with the situation
“You don’t need to interview us because this is not the first time something like this will be happening and they should have done some thing about it.
We are not happy with the situation and we don’t know if we can bring them back to this school even if the security is better”
Another parent, Mrs. Bolaji Eniola noted that her children were yet to over come the trauma that they passed through during the previous incident.
“It is very very bad and it is giving the children big trauma and now another one what is happening.
We can not keep our children where it is not safe and I don’t know if I can bring them back to this school”
Mrs.  Deola Daudu frowned on the lapses around the school vicinity which she said needed to be addressed with urgency.
“I am not happy with the situation because in such an environment, the children are here and there is no patrol van moving up and down
Right from when you are coming from the road there is no light and you see some of the poles have broken and they needed to be repaired’’
‘’Since three days now, they locked them inside and the governor of lagos state should come here by himself to see things for himself’’
The fences are even dwarf fences and see the environment our children are living in and I don’t know why we should bring our children here to suffer’’
But if the security is tighter I can bring my children back here because of the quality of education’’
This place has become a centre eyes for these hoodlums who will just come and kidnap children and be demanding for ransom, only God knows how the children would be feeling now because I can feel the way their parents will be feeling now’’
A former vice principal of the school, Mr. Simon Agunbeso who came to pick his ward said the situation was appalling and advised that the task of securing the school should not be left only in the hands of the police.
“All my children attended this school and I worked here for thirteen years before I was transferred to Lekki area.
It is not encouraging but discouraging and disappointing though I know the worth of a model school and that is why I will bring my wards back here if the security is improved upon
It seems some group of people wanted to run down this school’’
‘’The government should beef up security and I will advised that the soldiers be permanently drafted here may be like two hundred of them and be fed by the state government’’
It was gathered that the kidnappers asked question about the profession of their parents before they were abducted as one of the student who said that his dad was a mechanic was returned while the one who said that his father was a pilot was taken away with some others.
Some of the parents who came to pick their children were seen warning the children because of the mode of operation of the kidnappers that they should never discuss the nature of their job with anyone



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