Published On: Sat, Jun 10th, 2017


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The police in Lagos have arrested two suspects who allegedly abducted a seven year boy, severed his head and buried the
head in a church in Odo- kekere area of Odogunyan in Ikorodu.

Angry mob who wanted to lynch the suspects attacked Sagamu police division because the policemen there did not allow
jungle justice to be meted out on the suspects.

The bereaved mother of the boy was seen at home lamenting with sympathizers that his son was enticed to where he was
murdered with twenty naira powder milk.

The seven year old boy Kazeem Rafiu was said to have been abducted by a former neighbor in the presence of his six
year old younger brother who later told their mother about who took his brother away.

The bereaved mother of the boy, Mrs. Tawa Rafiuwho was in flood of tears said the ugly incident shocked her because
her son was killed and his head beheaded and buried in a church close to their house.

While wailing and crying the bereaved mother said that she had not being herself since the incident happened.

They kidnapped my son, my former neighbor was the one who did it , he bought twenty naira cowbell milk for him and
kidnapped him and killed him and buried his head in the church,

It was the younger brother that told me that it was Eri that kidnapped his brother.

‘’They did not allow me to see my son again because I was crying and shouting seriously and I have not been okay at

The six year old younger brother of the slain boy , Rilwan Rafiu said that it was brother Eri that took his brother
away to go and kill him and I was crying when he took him away.

‘’He took my brother away and kill him and I was shouting’’

A neighbor identified as Ife said that he abductor of the boy who usually visit the area to play with children and
women initially denied ever coming to the house not until when some vigilante members engaged him in serious
interrogation before he eventually opened up.

We were looking for him and when we saw him he denied but the boy Rilwan said he was the one that took his brother
before he now said that he only bought something for the boy and left.

Later he said that someone in First gate area of Ikorodu gave him a contract to bring a boy for N135,000 if he can
get someone and the boy was later taken to the pastor who beheaded the boy and
buried it in the church.

The guy had once live in the area before but not in our house and he even used to play with the mother of the

If not that he was seriously beaten he would not have confessed and take us to where the boy was murdered in the
church and threw the remaining body in a canal in the area.

Thank God that Rilwan confronted him to say that brother Eri was lying , he was the one who took his brother

It was gathered that the boy was killed by a self acclaimed pastor Adedoyin Oyekan of a white garment church situated at
no 16, Apata Abo street in Odo kekere who led the police to where the head of the boy was buried

in the church while the remaining parts of the body was hid in a near by canal.

An anonymous resident of Apata-Abo street explained that the suspect who was known as a tailor became a pastor overnight
by turning the house of his mother to a church.

The resident aid that it was easier for the suspects to lure the boy because that Eri Tosin was close to the family of
the boy and was even living with the pastor.

were surprised when men of the Anti robbery came with
them in hand cuffs in their hands and they went straight to
where the boy’s
head was buried and they exhumed it before they went to the
canal side to go
and bring out the body.

The man even has a child in my school but he told me that he
didn’t have money that was why his child will not come to
school this period.

It was out of annoyance that some people destroyed the church and the mother had earlier came to be crying around
that his son did not kill but it was Eri Tosin that killed, they wan to kill my
son ‘’

The church at no 16 Apata-Abo street has been pulled down by angry mob in the area who also besieged the Sagamu road
police station where they vandalized vehicles, structures and rained stones and bottles on policemen on duty.

Meanwhile, the Lagos police image maker, Mr. Olarinde Famous-Cole said that suspects would soon be transferred to
the state criminal in vestigation Department for further interrogation.



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